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The Community Hub

The fast way to bring people together, unlock conversations and opportunities.

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A Space For Your Community

Do you need a place to chat and share with your people, without disclosing email or phone? In 21 seconds, build your own igloo and start chatting with your members.

Ease Your Communications

SMS, flyers or pinboards: Game over! Now with your igloo, you have a unique place to organize your events and chat about your interests. Save time, save money!


Find Igloos Nearby

Igloos can be pinned on a map so that you can find local communities easily: A district igloo, an event, a local producer, or a music festival!

Manage Your Privacy

Change your profile image and username for each igloo. Define your igloo as public, private or completely secret.


Get Started and Build your Igloo!

(Oh, and it’s Ad-Free)

Available on the
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