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The Mobile Companion for Groups and Events

The fast way to bring people together, unlock conversations and opportunities.

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What is Igloo?

Igloo is a mobile app connecting you with other people inside spaces called igloos.
Build groups and share content all without disclosing personal data. Get unique username and avatar for each igloo and keep control of the content and the people joining you.

Inform, Interact, Promote

Provide information and meaningful interactions with your people. Chat, media sharing, giveaways, partner promotion, evaluations… Igloo brings features to level up your event experience and satisfy your attendees.


Simplify Your Communications

Share news live and reduce your communication costs. All content is available in one centralized content stream, people can interact together or privately and get notified with push notifications.

Focus on What Matter

Don’t spend ressources on one-shot app development or costly maintenance. Focus energy on the success of your project and find out what people can achieve when they are truly engaged!


Get Started and Build your Igloo!

(Oh, and it’s Ad-Free)

Available on the
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