We are Igloo!

Igloo was born with the idea of gathering people who share common passion or interests, easier and faster.
After attending lots of conferences, fairs and other networking events, we noticed it was still hard to make good connections without having some luck. It’s impossible to meet, greet and collect business cards of 200 people.
Instead of meeting people randomly during an event, networking should be made smart and easy with the help of technology available in our pocket, i.e our smartphones.
When you join an event or a new group, you expect to meet people aligned with your interests and get some value out of these talks. So how do you connect with the good people without losing time? And as organizer, how do you make sure participants make good connections with each other or with your partners? We sure can do better than just carrying badges.
Stop wandering and hoping to bump into somebody. Be proactive in your meetings! That’s the purpose of Igloo. Igloo is the real time platform that connects people and enables new connections in order to unlock new opportunities!

In the months following the initial spark, we set up a team 🙏🏻 with different skills to work around the Igloo idea, write a business plan, design a first mock-up and incorporate a proper company by April 2016.
The founding team now features:

Igloo base

We decided to set up our startup in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe🇪🇺 .
It’s easy for us, as part of the team lives in the region and it’s the perfect place to meet up. Luxembourg is a great launch pad 🚀 for international development and for meeting people from various cultures with different competencies.