What is Igloo?

Igloo is a mobile companion app designed to support events and groups in their communication and interactions. An igloo gathers people in a unique place to enable conversations😄💬 and interactions. Users can build a new or join an existing igloo in a matter of seconds. Igloo is an easy-to-use tool to help organise events, share information such as photos, updates, invitations💌, or simply have a chat about an interesting topic.


What makes Igloo different?

Our focus is on a few crucial aspects of community management:


What is the difference between Igloo and existing messaging apps?

Main instant messaging platforms focus on conversations with people you are close. We aim to offer Igloo for groups willing to share information and news without sharing personal data and event organizers looking for direct ways to communicate with their attendees.

Igloo facilitates communication inside communities – we are way more community-focused👶👮👴👨👩than other existing apps. Furthermore, we focus our attention on features enhancing engagement and features that do not harm privacy🔒. We do not collect personal information to sell to advertisers. By the way, on Igloo, there’s no ads🚫! One last thing, we don’t limit the number of members in one igloo.


Do users have to pay to use Igloo?

Basic use of Igloo is free🆓 and this will never change. Our business model is based on premium features that we will soon offer organisations or users who want to use enhanced functionalities.


Where did you get the idea to create Igloo?

In 2015, we realized that a lot of organizations, NGOs, schools, events, sport clubs, were still using inefficient and slow tools to communicate with their members and inhabitants📠📟☎. At the same time, social networks are here for years. So we decided to try and come up with a better solution for communities to communicate.


On what platforms is Igloo available?

Igloo is available on iOS devices📱(bit.ly/iglooiOS). You can download Igloo for your iPhone or iPad if you have updated to iOS 8.0+

Android is in the pipeline and is coming soon.


Getting in/out of an igloo


Building an igloo


Features in igloos


Security/Administration 🚔

Making Igloo as user-friendly as possible is one of our main priorities. This is why we’ve designed several tools you can use to continue having a good time on Igloo.

In our Terms of Services, we’ve defined the kind of activities that are prohibited. For instance, submitting content (in an igloo title, description, messages or pictures) that is unlawful, obscene, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or otherwise inappropriate violates our Terms of Service. Being annoying to other users also violates our Terms of Service. We will ban a user if we believe this user is violating our Terms of Service.


Who’s behind Igloo?

A bunch of Inuits!☺ Gathered around the fire, you’ll find four people who worked on the Igloo foundations before other excited Inuits joined them. Find out more here


Do you have any other questions? We’re here for you! Shoot us an email 📬 or ask us directly on Igloo.